.....My Photography
......I've been taking photographs of women for years now. When I do my sculptures and paintings I set up my studio and take pictures to work by and use live models for the sculptures. Sometimes I just paint and sculpt without any models and other times I use them. Below are just some random photos I've taken in my studio. I help girls with making portfolios and other things if they need pictures. I don't charge for this but they have to pay for the film and developing unless the pictures are for me. These photographs are not linked to larger pictures of themselves.
......All photographs on this page are copyrighted and owned by me. Use of these or any other photographs on my web site is prohibited. Eddie Alexander Meeks..
......Model: Laura, she was a great model, loved to be photographed, these are some colored black&whites.


......Below are just some random photos I have picked out.

  ......Now this picture below is of course not of models but is a very cool photo that I took one rainy stormy night while building a bike. It was a thunderstorm going on outside and I had 9 pictures left on a roll of slide film, so I decided I'd just point outside and shoot the nine pictures and get the roll of film out of my camera. I just aimed out towards the field and snapped the shutter 9 times and when I got the film back this was one of the nine (the other 8 of course were solid black)  

......I read in a photography book that shooting lightning was the hardest shot to make, I shot this on film with a shutter speed of 60....just lucky.

Eddie Alexander Meeks